TRAIL RAGE - 3626 Dallas High Shoals Hwy, Dallas, NC 28034

Trail Rage Front Inner Fender with Interchangeable Insert


Trail Rage Front Inner Fender with interchangeable insert

Trail Rages Inner fenders are a great solution to clean up your outer engine compartment and help keep mud and debris from entering the engine compartment. With the interchangeable heat vents, you can customize your jeep to your liking.

–              18g Carbon Steel

–              CNC laser Cut, CNC press brake

–              Black Textured powder coat

–              Made in America

Comes with primer insert, coat with outdoor colored paint to your liking.

* Install time 30 minutes average

*May need minor modification to install with other aftermarket fenders, Trim sheet metal where necessary.

  • Trail rage logo
  • Punisher
  • Jeep Star
  • American flag
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