TRAIL RAGE - 3626 Dallas High Shoals Hwy, Dallas, NC 28034

About Us


Mission Statement

Trail Rage's mission is to create quality American made products for the off-road industry. built for either the extreme off-road enthusiast or the novice enthusiast, there is a product for you.


Trail Rage derived from the idea to manufacture off-road products. We have created multiple lines of products to meet each and everyone’s needs. The off-road enthusiast has given us opportunities to create American made products giving us support on and off the trail as well as jobs and careers.  


Breaking out of the shadows of a contract CNC machining and metal fabrication company in Dallas NC, Trail rage is on the hunt to find its own identity. Being backed with the experience of a 22-year old company Trail Rage is eager to break into the off-road market in 2019!

With a 150,000 sq. ft facility, Trail Rage is a full turnkey manufacturing operation. It starts as an idea with our Research and Development Team. We then take our idea and create a computer model of the part. After modeling our idea, a prototype will be made. We do this to insure proper fitment and function. Next it will be broken out by cost and quantities so we can insure the best possible price for our customers. Finally, we will send the parts threw the ISO-9000 process to be made into a complete part. These parts may find their way to either a CNC lathe, CNC Mill or a CNC Laser. Sheet Metal parts can end up on a CNC press break followed by a trip to the welding department. After the part is built to specifications it will be sent for finishing where we will powder coat or ceramic finish it. Lastly the part will see final inspection and packaging.